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What to do if your amazon fire stick stuck on amazon logo? You can get this error in case you start the fire tv stick. The Amazon logo is displayed and that’s that. It does not advance any further no matter how long Leave it like that. The device is not rooted. We would like to tell you how you can get rid of fire stick logo stuck issue. You can reset your box to its factory state. This is how you can do it:

  1. Most of the Stuff Mentioned:
  2. a) Recovery via the Fire TV Remote

 Nothing happens no matter how many times I try.

  1. b) Recovery via a USB Keyboard (the “Alt + I + Prnt Scrn” Method)

You can resolve the amazon fire stick stuck on amazon logo issue by trying the four different keyboards. They must be both wireless and wired. These must work fine on pcs. I have tried one the keyboards with another Fire TV and it eventually got to the recovery screen. So, I’m guessing there’s an(other) issue with this Fire TV, from this point of view.

  1. c) Recovery via ADB

This is yet another amazing way to recover to resolve issue. Use or run the following command Code:

In theory this would take you to the Android system recovery screen where you can select reset factory settings, wipe cache etc. This would take you to amazon factory system recovery that is a screen where there is no option. There’s just some red text that says the following:

 Amazon Fire Stick Stuck on Amazon Logo: “Amazon system recovery <3e>

Now your amazon fire tv stick will restart in about few minutes & it should resume to normal work.

Now if your amazon fire tv stick does not restart, unplug the power cable & plug it back to force a restart. If you need assistance, Needless to say, that unplugging and plugging it back in didn’t help.

Sometimes, the Amazon Firestick can be permanently damaged if it overheats multiple times.

In the case of a faulty motherboard, you will have to just buy a new Amazon Firestick (from Amazon).

  1. Wiping data

Use the following code or commands:


adb shell recovery –wipe_data

/system/bin/sh: recovery: not found

  1. Fastboot


adb reboot bootloader

fastboot devices (you can see your device listed for this)

fastboot -w

Don’t erase the automatically formatting but erase the successful one.

File system type unknown not supported.

Erase successful, but not automatically formatting.

File system type unknown not supported.

erasing ‘userdata’…

FAILED (remote: Unknown Command)

finished. total time: 0.004s

Sending a MASTER_CLEAR Intent

It’s possible to factory reset via adb.Code:

adb shell am broadcast -a android.intent.action.MASTER_CLEAR

Error type 2

android.util.AndroidException: this thing tells you that your activity manager is not connected, check if the system is running or not.


at at at Method) at

The other options you can use to solve amazon fire stick stuck on amazon logo if the above does not work:

Sometimes, the Amazon Firestick can be permanently damaged if it overheats multiple times.

In the case of a faulty motherboard, you will have to just buy a new Amazon Firestick (from Amazon).

  1. Send it back to Amazon

Amazon Fire Stick Stuck on Amazon Logo: You can give your fire stick back to amazon. If you are not sure that the warranty is going on or not, and if you are not aware about how to fix your issue, this is the best choice.

  1. Root it & do Some Root-Related Solutions

This, of course, will void my warranty, so I’d like to try this only as a last resort. Root the device with the help of fire stick technicians. If you don’t know how to do it.

  1. Nothing

If nothing works, I guess I’ll have to just cut my losses, and get a new Fire TV.

Apart from the things mentioned above I’ve also tried/read most the posts on xda mentioning similar problems but I haven’t found anything useful.

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, I just want to reset it to its factory state. I don’t care about losing everything that’s on it. I just want it to be like it was after it was unboxed.

Any kind of advice/help/solution is welcomed.

1) Just Restart Your Fire TV

  • Restart your TV to tackle the video issues as here-
  • Initially disconnect the power cord from outlet & system & put it back.
  • Use your remote to restart by forcing it & push the selected button & thus play/pause again at the same time for about 5 seconds.
  • Simply go to the settings & devices in menu and click on the restart.

2) Check for Intermittent Internet Connection- Amazon Fire Stick Stuck on Amazon Logo

If your network is vulnerable or signals have zeroed down, there would be video issues for sure in Fire TV. You require a strong and continuous signal for HD movies. Check your community acceptance in your fire tv stick. Talk to your internet service provider for a good internet range connection to tackle the video-relevant issue. 

3) Correct & Check the Settings of Fire TV

  • At times TV settings additionally motive video related issues, you can, in truth, control them like go to:
  • & Sounds
  • Use your remote to set the needed audio and video settings. At times this resolves the issue perfectly

4) Clean Prime Video Application Data

Clearing the records from Prime Video app would help to resolve many issues. Do this every day for your fire tv stick. Follow here-

  • Go to Settings>Applications
  • Here you see Manage “Installed Applications”
  • Visit prime video>force stop>clear data
  • Choose Delete App Data when caused and press clear Data again.
  • When forced on to delete App Data, pick out Clear Data again.
  • Clearing the utility Data also helps to renovate the presentation of your Fire TV, so it’s a central pursuit’s step to be followed.

Call for Easy Solution to Amazon Fire Stick Stuck on Amazon Logo

If you are not sure about using the above tricks or solutions, They are accessible 24 hours and 7 days for your service and all of your amazon fire stick issues will be handled by them easily.