Apple TV Not Working quick fix 2020. has simply got better with time and it continues to surprise the users with innovative technology and most amazing features. Apple TV is an amazing app that provides you a great opportunity to entertain yourself. It simply allows you to stream videos, play games, listen to music and do so much more. However, this does not mean that Apple Tv is not prone to problems.

Apple TV is not working is a very common problem experienced by most of the Apple TV users at some point in time. Are you one of them who is facing the problem? Is your Apple TV not working properly? Then do not panic as this problem can be quickly fixed if you follow a few solutions.

In this blog, we will cover some of the most basic troubleshooting steps that can help you fix the problem with the Apple TV when it refuses to work.

Apple TV not working issues can arise because of several reasons. Here are some of the most common problems that most of the Apple TV users come across along with their troubleshooting solution.

Sometimes when you press a button of the Apple TV remote or the Siri remote, the Apple TV just won’t turn on. You can fix problem Apple TV not working by following a few steps.

Go for A Quick Restart

You might think the other way but a restart can help in fixing many problems. So, you will have to restart the Apple device if Apple TV not working.

  • Press the home and menu button on the remote simultaneously. Wait until you see the indicator light on the screen to start blinking.
  • Navigate to the settings on the Apple TV. Then go to System and click on the restart option.
  • If you do not want to follow the steps mentioned above you can simply disconnect the Apple TV by taking out the plug. Then wait for a while.

Once the Apple TV restart you need to check the software it is running on you may have to update the software. You can get in touch with the technical expert for help. They can guide you step by step on how to update the software for Apple TV.

Improve the Wi-Fi Network/Signals

A slow internet connection and weak signal is one of the prime reasons for Apple TV not working problem. Sometimes you may not able to join the wi0fi network and many times the internet would just keep disconnecting. 

 If you are facing slow wi-fi network problem then:

  • Go to the Settings and then click on the network. Here you need to check the IP address, and then restart the router and then check the router.

If you can see the IP address and the wi-fi network is still weak then you can try changing the location of the router. You can also use an Ethernet cable instead of using a wireless connection.

Apple TV AirPlay Problem

AirPlay is one of the best features that allows you to stream using Apple devices like iPhone, Mac, iPad on Apple TV. It is a very beneficial feature for Apple users but at the same time, it can cause many problems too.Fix Apple TV not working.

  • If you are unable to use Airplay then the first thing that you should be doing is to check whether the Apple TV and the Apple device are connected to the same network or not.
  • If you are connected to a different network then AirPlay just won’t work. Go to the settings to check what network the devices are connected to. If the Wi-Fi network is different you might consider getting help from Apple TV experts for keeping the network similar.

Sometimes a few apps won’t support AirPlay and that could be the reason Apple TV, not working problems may arise. You need to check whether AirPlay is allowed on Apple TV or not.

  • To check this, you need to go to the Settings and check if the AirPlay feature is turned on.
  • If you still experience a problem with AirPlay consider getting in touch with the technical support team for help.

Apple TV Video Issues

Apple TV not working issue is vast and that means there are innumerable problems that you may face while using Apple TV. Unable to stream content and watch videos is one such problem. If this is your problem too then the first thing that you can try is to restart the Apple TV, however, it may not always work. So, you can try the steps mentioned below.

  • Inspect the HDMI cables on both ends. If necessary, you can even replace the HDMI cable.

Fix Apple TV Black Bars and Screen Related Issues

When Apple TV not working problem arises you may notice black bars on the screen. Do not panic as this is just an error and the problem can be fixed quickly by following a few steps.

  • The black bars on your Apple TV screen indicate a problem on the screen. So, you need to go to the settings of Apple TV to fix this problem.
  • This problem arises when the resolution is not set to 16 x 9.
  • If you are having a problem with changing the resolution then you must consider getting in touch with the professionals for help. They have the right knowledge and expertise to guide you through the steps.

Fix Apple TV Out of Space Error

Sometimes you may run out of space on your Apple TV for installing too many apps or simply because it has cached a lot of TV or movies.

  • You will have to clear the apps that you are not using.
  • Navigate to the settings and then go to the managed storage. Check out the list of apps. You can delete the unnecessary apps here.
  • If the app is still out of storage. Get in touch with the experts for help.
These steps will help you if your Apple TV not working.

These are some of the most common problems that you may face while Apple TV not working problem arises. These steps can help in fixing most of the issues however, many times you may require more technical assistance. Get in touch with the Apple TV experts for technical support and help. They have the required knowledge and skills to fix the Apple Tv problem in real-time.