Echo Error 10-2-12-3-1 Amazon Echo is a popular device but it can prone to errors as well. Error 10-2-12-3-1 occurs while setting up the Amazon echo device. This happens When you set the amazon echo device but it can’t connect with Wi-Fi.

Echo Error 10-2-12-3-1 If you call the team of AlphaTech 24/7, they will lock the device so that it can keep your device away from any further errors. However, if you use the new device and get the error 10-2-12-3-1 then you can fix it by following the below steps.

• Make sure to stop all the proxy and VPN services on the same wireless network.
• Make sure your network is of type WPA2 if it’s mixed mode WPA/wpa2 it will not connect to the Wi-Fi.
• Cross check if your wireless network is dual band having frequency range 2.5 to 5.0 GHz
• If using android update android system web-view application else you can get white screen error in Alexa app

For complete information and troubleshooting on error 10:2:12: 3:1 read [amazon echo troubleshooting guide] and get the desired solution.

However, with this error you can get 7:3:4: 4:1, 7:1:10:524:2, 10:2:17:5:1, 10:2:5: 60:1, 7:1:10:12:2, 7:3:4:4:1.
These errors come pops during setting up amazon echo and registering amazon echo device, Echo error code is associated with different Wi-Fi issues.

Echo Error 10-2-12-3-1 If you are looking for the easy way for resolving the 10-2-12-3-1 then it’s the right guide for you.

Wi-Fi is connected, but the device won’t register or, do you see Amazon Echo registration failure- Alexa error 10-2-12-3-1? Or, if you own a device that displays error 10-2-12-3-1 i.e. Echo Dot registration failure!

Then, look out for the effective solutions below.

Error 10-2-12-3-1 Initial Steps to Troubleshoot Echo Registration Failure Error

Echo Error 10-2-12-3-1 | To begin:

– Don’t forget to run the latest version of Alexa software on your device. If you have not updated it, just download the Alexa app.

– Echo Error 10-2-12-3-1 Make sure the login credentials are right

– Echo dot device must be at least 8 inches away from the walls

– Never keep the electronic appliances between the echo device and wireless router.

– Your Echo device should not be connected to a wired network

– For effective results, make sure your dual-band Wi-Fi router is using the specified bandwidth i.e. 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz

Echo Error 10-2-12-3-1 |  The Complete Registration Process of Echo Device

You can implement the registration process again by following the above steps.

– Firstly, restart your Alexa device

– Alexa Error 10-2-12-3-1 Secondly, press and hold the reset and hold the button for at least 5 seconds with small equipment like a paperclip

– Wait till light ring turns off & again turns on. Under this process, when the device light turns orange, it means that your Echo device has entered setup mode

– Now open your Alexa app & follow the steps for Echo setup

– When it is done, turn off the modem for thirty seconds. Then, restart both-the modem and router

– Simultaneously, you should unplug the power adapter of your Alexa device for fifteen seconds. Then, plug it again

This will fix the error 10-2-12-3-1

In case, if still the Echo registration failure problem occurs then do the following:

– Sign-In your router settings using the IP address and authenticated login credentials

– Next, tap on the advanced tab, once you successfully enter the setup

– Then, select the “WAN Setup” from the sub-menu-> Click on the checkbox in front of “DOS protection and Disable port scan”

– Lastly, click on the “Apply” button to make the changes.

However, after trying these steps, if your Echo registration problem still doesn’t fade away then, first check the device.

Make sure that your Echo device has no issues with it. And to do so,

– Check if your Alexa device works with some other Wi-Fi network.

– You can even try registering your device on some other Amazon account

After following this procedure, you will be able to get rid of Amazon Echo registration failure- error 10-2-12-3-1. However, if you still fail to resolve the error then you should visit the website of Echo  Support

They are a tech support expert who will guide you out in resolving the issue with a few simple steps. They work on devices like smartphones, routers, tablets, pcs, laptops, printers, smart TV’s, virtual reality and more.

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