In today’s time internet has become one of the most important things. So, it is important o have a seamless network that offers a great connectivity.  If you are looking for top-notch internet services then Netgear router is surely a great solution for all. It not only offers a seamless network but an amazing solution to meet up your basic internet needs.
However, it is quite common to see Netgear router not connecting to the internet issues. So you do not have to panic about it. Most of the Netgear router users go through this problem at some point of time. But you surely need to resolve this issue immediately as it can create further issues in the router. Besides you won’t be able to enjoy seamless connectivity. So, how can you fix the internet connectivity issue while using the Netgear router? In this blog, we have covered in details the fixes that can help you in resolving Netgear router issues while trying to connect to the internet. Quick Fixes to Resolve the Internet Connectivity Issue in Netgear Router Here are the basic solutions that you need to cover to resolve the connectivity issues while using the Netgear router. However, make sure to follow this guide properly so that you do not face any issue.
Run a Quick Power Cycle A quick power cycle is surely one of the best ways to resolve the problem with the Netgear routers and most of the other devices. Mostly, if the issue revolved around connectivity issues then it can be sometimes fixed by running a quick power cycle of the router. Simply, turn off the modem and then unplug it. Now, wait for the device to boot and the plug-in the mode and turn it on again. Wait until the indicator lights on the modem are stable. Wait for some time and then check if the issue is fixed or not. If the connectivity issue is not resolved then there is something else that is blocking the signals. However, in many cases attempting another try to run a power cycle and resolve the issue with the internet connection. If the power cycle temporarily resolves the issue with the Netgear router then it means there is some problem with the router and you probably need to replace it.
Check the Cable Connections Many times you may come across connectivity issues simply because of any issue in the Ethernet cable connections. Make sure the power cables on both the ends are plugged in properly. If the cable connection is loose then it can be the reason why your internet is not connecting. Try another power outlet to ensure that the power outlet receives proper supply of electricity. If the Ethernet cable connection is damaged or worn out then try using another cable connection to make sure there are no connectivity issues, In this guide, we have mentioned some of the basic troubleshooting solutions however, if the problem persists then you may need to replace the router with the new model.