Are you using PS4?Is your PS4 Not Connecting to WiFi? Then you would know how important internet connection is to use PlayStation 4. ‘PS4 not connecting to the wi-fi’ is a very common problem that you may face while using PlayStation. If you are facing a similar issue then do not worry as this problem can be easily fixed by following some of the basic troubleshooting solutions. However, there is nothing more frustrating than facing the problem with the Wi-Fi network and this problem must be resolved immediately so that you can use PS4.

In this blog, we will cover some of the most common reasons why PS4 not connecting to wifi problem may arise. And some of the most helpful steps that can help in fixing this issue.

If your PS4 not connecting to WiFi then there can be several reasons behind it. However, we are going to discuss some of the most frequently faced issues.

  • The wireless connection or the internet is switched off for PS4.
  • There is poor internet connection or the PlayStation 4 is simply not able to connect to the wireless network.
  • The connection you are trying to establish is wrong or invalid.
  • The DNS settings configuration is not right for the PS4..
  • The wireless router is placed away from the PS4, and hence it is receiving poor or interrupted wi-fi signals.

These are some of the most frequently causing problems that may result in PS4 not connecting to wifi problem. However, do not worry as these issues can be fixed quickly by following the most basic troubleshooting solutions that we will cover here in this blog.

Quick Fixes for PlayStation 4 not Connecting to Wi-Fi Problem

If you are facing PS4 not connecting to  wifi problem then follow the most basic troubleshooting solution mentioned below to fix this issue.

Restart the PS4 and the Wireless Router

The very first thing that you need to do is try restarting the devices. It is a very simple step and can help in fixing issues related to the wireless network. 

So, if the PS4 is experiencing trouble in connecting to the network then you must, first of all, try restarting the device and then see if this can be helpful. There are chances that it can help in fixing wireless network related issues. 

You can also try to restart the wireless router to resolve the problem. Also, observe the indicator lights on the wireless device. If indicator lights are blinking it means a connection is weak or poor. However, if the wi-fi network is unable to connect then you should get help from the technical expert team to resolve if PS4 Not Connecting to WiFi.

Use LAN cable to Fix Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

If restarting the devices is unable to fix the problem with the PS4 then there are high chances of having a problem in the wireless network. To fix this issue you can use LAN cable to get access to the internet.

  • Using a LAN cable while using PlayStation 4 gives you better internet speed and also minimizes the lag while using the gaming console.
  • Moreover, by using an ethernet connection you can drastically increase the speed of the internet and the downloading speed too. Therefore, it minimizes the PS4 not connecting to the wi-fi issue.
  • If you are facing any issue while using the LAN cable connection or are simply not able to connect the condole with the router using LAN cable. Then get help from the tech experts as they can guide you step by step on how to establish a connection using the LAN cable.

Change the Settings of the Router

If PS4 not connecting to WiFi is the issue then there are chances that the device is unable to connect to the wireless network. You can try changing the settings of the router to resolve this issue.

  • Check out the admin section of your modem and find the security option here.
  • You need to alter the SSID address and then reboot the wireless router. If you are unable to find the SSID address make sure to seek help from the technical support team.
  • You may also have to use another the password for it. Again, if you are unable to do it on your end try getting help from the tech experts who can guide you with the same.

Place the PlayStation4 Closer to the Wireless Router

Again, if you are facing a problem like PS4 not connecting to WiFi then there are high chances of having a problem in the internet connection. Sometimes the gaming console device may not be able to receive the wi-fi signals properly and as a result the device just won’t connect to the wi-fi.

It is very important to check nothing is not interfering with the signals between the router and the PS4. Sometimes walls and other physical barriers can be the reason for poor wi-fi signals. Also, check other wireless devices as they may hinder the network. So, make sure nothing is interfering with the network and other wireless devices are turned off.

If nothing seems to work for you and PS4 not connecting to WiFi problem persists then the last resort is to reset the device. But you must know that resetting the gaming console device will permanently erase the data, so make sure to store it somewhere else.

  • Tap on the home screen and then select the settings option on the menu.
  • Then find the network option on the menu.
  • Select the deactivation option and then restart the device.

The next step is for initializing the PS4. You can get help from the tech experts if you are unable to initialize the PS4 while resetting.

Once you have followed the steps mentioned above you must check the internet connection. If PS4 not connecting to WiFi problem persists then you need more technical assistance. Get help from the PlayStation tech experts who can guide and inform you are regarding wi-fi connectivity issues and also fix the problem.