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Reset Firestick Without Remote or WiFi-Know how to reset firestick without the desire for remote in essential steps. By implementing these skips, everybody can analyze out how to handle the prospect when you don’t have any remote but even though you want to reset.

How to Reset Firestick Without Remote or WiFi?

Resetting Your fire TV stick can become extremely tedious at times, notably when your remote is not working. Let’s know how you can reset firestick without using remote or Wi-Fi. Here are our preferences, which are given below:

USB Mouse

The best information about how you can reset firestick without remote or Wi-Fi is by using the USB mouse or ethernet cable. The moment you connect the USB mouse, you can go to settings & perform the basic tracks to reset the fire TV stick. As the cursor may be crucial to determine

Fire TV app

Alexa remote app provides you digital virtual remote through which you can control firestick. Firestick remote app is entirely applicable for Android devices that are of version 4.0.3 or above. For iOS devices, the devices should be above iOS 7.0. After you download & install the application on your mobile phone, you can execute the fire TV stick reset process. Fire TV remote app is eminently significant if you have disappeared your remote. If you don’t have the right mobile for a fire TV remote app, you may ask your friends. 

3rd Party Apps

You may need other apps like ad blink 2.04 for connecting the fire TV stick with your laptop. For performing this, you can plug the power cord of firestick to the USB port of a laptop or ask the firestick experts. Many users have considered this an awfully troublesome task, so with the cooperation of technological support individuals of firestick, you can take help.

Reset Firestick Without Remote or WiFi-What’s the Situation for Repairing the Firestick?

Before you identify how to reset firestick without remote or Wi-Fi, you should recognize that what’s the longing of resetting the firestick? Different states or conditions can give you a transform of resetting firestick. This situation goes on when your firestick is not working or stuck in the indicated below:

Situation 1- When You Experience the Amazon Firestick Black Screen Issue

This issue emerges when there is some obstacle with your Internet network. If in case you reset the firestick, it will re-establish the original connection. This is the reason how you can delete the black screen error immediately.

Situation 2- When Your Firestick Gets a Reboot

If you face the rebooting issue of firestick, you can get clear of this burden by resetting the firestick. This factor is a valuable feature of firestick. During this refining, rebooting will close & you can enjoy fire TV content.

Situation 3- When you have Fire TV Black Screen after Amazon Logo

The issue arises when you restart the fire stick device. For avoiding this, you may reset the fire TV stick take help from fire stick support.

Situation 4- When You Come Across the Amazon Fire Stick Streaming Error

In a scene when you meet the firestick streaming issue, there is a seriousness for resetting it. This factor works positively for every firestick when it confronts the issue.

Situation 5- When Your Fire TV Stick is Frozen

There are occasions when your fire TV sticks screen freezes quickly. This is the hour when you want to restart your device. If restarting does not serve you, you only need to reset the firestick.

Situation 6- When Your Firestick Cemented on Amazon Screen

This issue appears when you go on the firestick setup or you decide to update the software of your fire tv stick. This is the most frustrating issue related to the fire tv stick. When you reset firestick, you won’t be capable to face the issue more regularly.

Reset Firestick Without Remote or WiFi – How to Do It Easy?

If you want to reset fire stick without remote or WiFi, follow the simple below steps: 

  • Turn your firestick on.
  • Visit the “menu” and then visit the “settings”.
  • Drag the options to right in expectation of you finding the “system”.
  •  Now visit bottom & click on “reset to factory defaults”.
  • You will see a dialog box on the screen of tv which says “you are about to reset fire TV stick & preference & sign-in information will be lost thereafter”.
  • Tap on the “reset” option with the help of firestick support technicians.
  • Wait before the complete reset your device is done. It can take up to 10-15 minutes. After that, you will see a notice of “reset successfully”. 

Firestick in 5 Easy Steps

So, you have known the way by which you can reset firestick without remote or WiFi. Now the question arises, what is a firestick? It’s simply a streaming device that lets users’ access tv shows, apps, movies, and games. It looks like a pen drive; the firestick is neat hardware and comes with a quad-core processor that needs the support of a Wi-Fi.

  • You can connect your firestick with a hot star, YouTube, amazon prime, Hulu, Netflix and more. Firestick offers you over 1k+ movies, news, music, games, sports and tv episodes. Selection is varied and can give you the chance of watching movies from Hollywood to Bollywood. 
  • Fire TV stick comes pre-registered from amazon. The user does not need to feel any inconvenience of registering it. It’s easy and simple.
  • Fire tv stick gives you the parental control option as well. Users can set a PIN for restriction access to mature content by children. Movies and tv shows on the amazon prime video catalog come with maturity rating by age group.
  • With firestick, users can track the data. Data monitoring features can help you chose preferred viewing quality for managing data use. Users can setup firestick to alert them before data exceeds their preset limit.
  • This is the unique point of firestick, voice remote responds quickly & let you search video content by voice. With this, you get a voice search remote in which the Alexa voice feature is given.

If you are still not known how you can reset firestick without remote or WiFi