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Know how to reset firestick without remote in basic steps. By applying these skips, everyone can identify out how to handle with the prospect when you don’t have any remote but yet you want to reset.

What’s the Demand for Resetting the Firestick?

Before you know how to reset firestick without remote, make certain you get some sense about the need for resetting the firestick. 

Various scenarios give you the urgency to reset the Fire Stick. This thought occurs when your firestick is stuck in some issues:


Case One- When You Encounter with Amazon Firestick Black Screen Issue. 

This issue arises when there is some trouble with your network. If you reset the fire stick, it would re-establish a brand-new connection. This is how you remove the black screen error immediately. 

Case Two- When Your Firestick Keeps on Rebooting – reset firestick without remote

If you face the firestick rebooting issue, thus you can get rid of this issue by resetting the fire stick. It’s a helpful feature of the firestick. In this process, the rebooting will be stopped & you can enjoy fire TV content. 

Case Three- You See Amazon Fire Tv Black Screen after Amazon Logo. 

Amazon fire TV black screen after an amazon logo issue occurs when you reset firestick without remote. To avoid this, you can reset the fire TV stick or call at fire stick support.

Case Four- When You Encounter Amazon Fire Stick Streaming Issue – reset amazon firestick without remote

In case you met with the firestick streaming issue, thus you must reset the fire stick. This works as a boon for every firestick when it encounters this issue.

Case Five- When Your Amazon Fire Tv Is Frozen.

Sometimes your Fire TV ‘s screen freezes all of a rapid. This is the time when you prefer the restarting of your device. In case the restarting does not help you, all you need to do is reset the fire stick.

Case Six- When Your Firestick Stuck on Amazon Screen.

Firestick stuck on amazon screen issue arises when you are performing the fire stick setup or you try to update the software of your fire tv stick. And again, this is one of the most provoking and frustrating issues with the Fire TV stick. Once you reset firestick without remote, you will not be able to face this issue repeatedly.

How to Reset Firestick Without Fire Stick Remote?

If you wish to reset your fire tv, stick, it becomes exceedingly painful to handle when your remote is not working. We will guide you freely about how to reset firestick without using the firestick remote. So, let’s look at what these preferences are: 

USB Mouse Usage:

The original aspect by which you can reset firestick without remote is that you need either an USB mouse or an ethernet cable. The occasion you connect the USB mouse, you can navigate to settings & perform the basic and fundamental steps to reset the fire TV stick. But it might be hard for you as the cursor will won’t be visible to you.

Fire TV App Usage – reset firestick without remote

Alexa remote app lets you provide you with the digital virtual remote by which you can control fire TV stick. Fire Stick remote app is available for Android devices (version 4.0.3 or above), iOS devices (above iOS 7.0).

Once you download and install the app on your mobile, you can execute the Fire TV stick reset. Fire tv remote app is absolutely essential if you have lost your remote. And if you don’t have a suitable mobile for Fire TV remote app, you can ask your friends.

3rd Party Apps Usage – reset firestick without remote

You can further use some other apps such as ad blink 2.04 to connect the Fire TV stick with your laptop. To do this, you can plug the power cord of fire tv stick to the USB port of a laptop or ask the firestick experts However, many users found this to be this terribly troublesome task, so let us help you with a smooth alternative. 

Easy Steps to Reset Fire Stick: How to Reset Firestick Without Remote

To reset the fire stick, all you need to do is just follow the seven simple steps:

  • Turn “On” your Fire TV Stick.
  • Go to “menu” & then move to “settings”.
  • Keep dragging the options to the right until you found the “System”.
  • Thereafter, go to the bottom and tap on “Reset to Factory Defaults”
  • A dialog box will appear on the TV screen saying “you are about to reset fire TV stick & preference & sign-in information will be lost thereafter,”
  • Select the “Reset” with the advice of firestick experts.

Wait for the complete reset of your device. It may take 10-15 minutes. After that, you will get notice of “reset successfully” when the reset is done effectively.

Firestick and Its Features

So, what is the Fire TV Stick? Basically, as you know how to reset the firestick without remote, now let us tell you what is firestick? It’s a media streaming device that plugin HDTV & lets users access games, TV shows, apps, and movies. It’s identical to the pen drive. Despite the size, it packs in neat hardware inside it. Firestick comes along with quad-core processor & support for the fast Wi-Fi – reset firestick without remote

  •       Prime Content:Fire TV stick offer over 1k TV episodes, movies, news, music, games, and sports. The selection varies from Bollywood’s latest movies to total-aged Hollywood blockbusters. It can be connected to Prime, Hot Star, YouTube, etc.
  •       Ease of Use: Amazon notes that The Fire TV stick comes pre-registered, so the user does not have to go through the inconvenience of registering the device first and thus using it. 
  •       Parental Controls:Fire TV Stick comes with parental control settings. Users can set a PIN to restrict access to mature content by children. The company says that all movies and TV shows in the Amazon Prime Video catalog, since well as apps from the Amazon App store, come with maturity ratings by age group.
  •       Track Data Usage:Users can track the data through the fire TV stick. Data monitoring features can help you select preferred viewing quality for managing data use. Also, the user can configure their Fire TV Stick to alert them before data use exceeds their preset limit.
  •       Voice Search Remote: It’s the unique aspect of fire tv stick, voice remote responds promptly and let you search video content by voice.

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