Roku Remote not Working

The Roku Remote is a very simple remote with least amount of buttons to keep experience on the jolly side. First lets learn the buttons on the remote. Check the image to identify all buttons on the Roku Remote. 

Button Roku Remote

We also need to know the kind of remote we have. Roku has three types of remote on offer. 

  1. Line of sight Infra-Red Simple Roku Remote: These remotes are offered with the most basic Roku players like the Roku Express.
  2. Wifi Direct Roku Voice Remote: These remotes are both InfraRed capable ( to control TV power and volume) and Wifi capable. These are also called point anywhere remotes as they can control the Roku player while not pointed directly at it since, all data is transmitted over WiFi to the Roku. The Roku Voice remote is also the most compatible remote on offer and works with all latest models on offer. However, it does not offer private listening.
  3. Wifi Direct Enhanced Voice Remote: These are premium voice remotes that are compatible with a select number of premium Roku devices. They allow us to control the Roku player with our voice. Private listening is also available on these remotes.

Now let us try to figure out what may have gone wrong with the remote. This is pretty easy as not much can go wrong with the remote. In fact there are only two issues that can happen.

  1. The batteries in the remote have gone bad.
  2. The remote has somehow either reset itself or is not paired to the current roku

The most primary troubleshooting for the remote is to remove the batteries, wait a minute, and insert batteries. The light on the roku remote should flash. If the light does not flash, it means the batteries are dead. Try swapping out the batteries for a set of fresh ones. If this gets the remote going that is great. However, there is a chance that the batteries have been bad for a long time. In this case, the light on the remote would continuously blink. Then you would have to proceed with roku remote pairing.

How to pair your Roku Remote

  • To pair your new Roku Remote, flip the remote and remove the cover for the battery compartment. Here next to the batteries you will find a purple or black button as illustrated in this image.
  • Insert a fresh set of batteries in the remote. 
  • Point the remote to your tv and press and hold this button for 30 seconds or till you see a picture of the remote on the screen and a circle next to it which will slowly fill up.
  • Re seat the cover for the battery compartment
  • Your Roku Remote is now paired.

To Pair your old or existing remote that has stopped functioning.

  1. Remove the cover for the battery compartment of your Roku Remote.
  2. Remove the batteries from the  Roku remote.
  3. Remove the power cable from the Roku player.
  4. Wait for 30 seconds.
  5. Reconnect the power cable to the Roku player and wait for the home screen to come up.
  6. Insert a fresh set of batteries in the remote.
  7. The light in the remote should start flashing.
  8. Point the remote to your Television.
  9. Press and hold the Roku Remote Pairing Button for 30 seconds. A picture of the remote will appear on the screen with a circle next to it to indicate pairing progress.
  10. Wait for the circle to fill up completely.
  11. Re Seat the cover for the battery compartment.
  12. Your Roku Remote is now paired.

Note: Some people might have issues if they have multiple Roku players in the same house or building. In such a situation the Roku Wifi Direct remotes can cross pair with another roku that might be listening on the same wifi channel. To avoid this situation, it is recommended that you unplug the power cable for all other Roku players in the house before trying to pair your Roku remote.

Roku remote not working. No pairing button

Some people might have a situation where their roku remote is not working and they are not able to spot the pairing button on the back of the roku. Almost 90 percent of these will be people who have bought knockoff roku remotes from websites like amazon etc. There is a variety of remotes available from these websites from third party sellers but these do not always work. If you lose your roku remote you need to purchase an original from When buying a remote please check the remote you need and check the remote compatibility with your roku.

The rest 10 percent are people with legacy roku players like Roku HD that did not come with a pairing button. There is only one practical solution for this situation. Do yourself a favour and buy a new roku. The prices are drastically low now. Just buy the lowest of the line, will be still better than the one you are trying to repair. Let us be a bit practical.

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