Amazon Fire Tv Setup

The Amazon Fire TV is a very versatile family of devices brought to us by Amazon that allows us to watch high definition content on our televisions without the need for cable service providers. The Fire Stick or the Fire TV use online or OTT media streaming services to bring us on-demand content. This offers customers the ability to not be locked in by cable service providers and still be able to watch what they want and only pay for what they watch. Moreover, since the Amazon Prime Video is already built into the device as a default application, it is pretty much guaranteed that the Fire family of devices is tuned to perform the best while watching Amazon Prime Video. 

The Fire TV family consists of 

  • Fire Stick Lite
  • Fire Stick
  • Fire Stick 4K
  • Fire TV Cube
  • Fire TV Recast
  • Fire TV Blaster, and
  • Fire TV powered smart TVs

The Amazon Fire Stick is the most common name out of these that anyone has heard. And, as you can guess, it comes in three variants, the fire stick, a fire stick 4k and the fire stick lite. Now the naming makes the difference between the firestick and the fire stick 4k pretty obvious. The fire stick can work up to 1080p while the fire stick 4k works for 4k televisions. The fire TV lite is the same fire stick but the remote does not control your television functions. The Fire TV Cube, on the other hand, is the real deal and gives us the best experience as it has full range equipment control thus enabling us to use only the Alexa enabled remote and our voice to control all the compatible equipment we have, ranging from AV receiver, sound-bars controlling lights and all other features embedded in the Alexa.

The Fire TV Recast is a DVR with built-in Alexa so you can watch OTA channels using it, to record, rewind, replay etc plus enjoy all the stuff available online. And of course, everything is controlled with your voice. The Fire TV Blaster is an IR blaster to further extend equipment control features of Alexa and allow you to control devices which are stowed away from the direct line of sight and cannot be controlled with the remote. Then we have the Amazon powered smart TVs available from a range of different brands.

One great thing about Amazon devices is that they are easy to set up and configure. But hey, we are technicians and have seen our fair share of issues the customers have with their devices. Thus, I’d say that amazon device are still a tad bit away from working flawlessly and not having issues.

How to Setup Fire Tv Stick

The initial setup of the Fire Tv devices is pretty simple. All Fire devices come with a wiring diagram and minimal wiring is required. Normally, just power and HDMI connection. Once connected, select the correct input on your television and you will see the Fire welcome screen.

From here select your language, pair your remote, select wireless network name and enter the password. Sign in to your Amazon account and you are good to go.

However, sometimes these simple tasks become problem-some and we fail to understand how to rectify them. Here we will explain the whole process and help you resolve every issue that you might face during setup and while using these devices. Just click the link to any issues you might be facing while trying to setup your FireStick.

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