Xbox One won’t Connect to WiFi-Xbox One console offers some of the best features like online gaming, streaming content and many other outstanding features. However, you need a strong connection to use all of the features in Xbox One. It is a gaming console that connects with the Wi-Fi network to play video games online and also enjoy other video content. 

However, the Xbox One not connecting to WiFi is a very common problem. And even when it is connected to the wi-fi network slow internet connection can hamper you from using Xbox One effectively. Sometimes technical issues can also result in many problems for which you may need technical support from the experts. 

Usually, when the Xbox One not connecting to WiFi problem comes, you shall start by restarting the device to fix this problem. However, this is not a sure shot method, it may not always work. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the quick fixes that can help you in troubleshooting if  Xbox One won’t Connect to WiFi related issues .

Improve the Wireless Network Signals

A wireless network offers an amazing internet speed however, sometime due to issues the wireless network may not be that strong. And as a result, it may cause Xbox One not connecting to WiFi error. Make sure the router is closer to the Xbox One.

  • Keep the router and the Xbox one slightly higher position so that there is less obstruction blocking the Wi-Fi signals.,
  • Make sure no other devices are interfering with the wireless network. Let other devices not connect with the same wireless network.
  • You can also try to change the wireless network to some other channel.

Power Cycle the Wi-Fi Network and the Xbox One

If there is some issue in the network hardware then it may interfere with the wi-fi signals. In such a case, a simple power cycle can help in fixing the problem.

  • Take out the plug of the modem/router.
  • Plugin the router/modem.
  • Now, turn off the Xbox One.
  • Also, take out the plug from the power outlet.
  • Power on the point and turn on the device.
  • Now, turn on the Xbox, as this shall resolve the problem.

Verify the Xbox One Settings

If Xbox One won’t connect to WiFi problem arise then you must check that you are connecting the device to the correct network and also entering the right password. You can follow these steps to verify you are connecting to the right Wi-Fi network

  • Navigate to the settings of the router on your PC.
  • Now, you will have to verify the SSID and the password here and note it down.
  • Switch on the Xbox One.

Go to the settings for a setup of wireless network. You can connect with the Xbox tech experts for help and assistance.

Though the wireless network is amazing, sometimes it can be very frustrating to deal with the wi-fi as it can cause many errors. Whether it is about the interference in the signal or simple the Xbox One won’t connect to WiFi, these problems are very common in a wireless network. However, you can resolve Xbox one not connecting to WiFi by changing the wireless network to the ethernet connection. You can connect the Xbox One with the wi-fi using ethernet cable.Ethernet connection eliminates most of the problems that come while using a wireless network.

Try Disconnecting the Wireless Head Sets

Third part headsets can many times interfere with the wi-fi signals. This occurs because the headsets broadcast on similar signals as the router. If you think the headset is causing the Xbox won’t connect to WiFi problem then try following these steps to fix this issue.

  • Try disconnecting the headset’s prom the power source.
  • Verify the network signals of the Xbox One device. Get in touch with the technical experts to test the Xbox One live connection. They will guide you step by step and help in resolving this problem.

Make Sure there is No Wireless Interference

Xbox One not connecting to WiFi problem can also arise if other wireless devices are interfering with the wireless network to which Xbox is connected. Wireless phones, microwave oven, ACs, speakers and many such devices interfere with the connection between the gaming console and the wireless router. 

To fix this issue you need to improve the wi-fi signals. Try disconnecting other wireless devices and placing them far away from the router. You can also try to keep the router and Xbox One at a higher place.

The Xbox One Won’t Connect to WiFi error is very common so do not panic. However, you will have to figure out the issue and fix it immediately to use the gaming console. If the steps mentioned in this blog do not help fix if Xbox One not Connecting to WiFi, you must get help from the experts. The Xbox technicians find out the exact problem so that they can guide you in the right direction.